Social determinants of health among individuals with foreign background

What causes health inequalities? Our research programme investigate social determinants of health among individuals with foreign backgrounds in Sweden. We will present two studies within the programme.

Although Swedish research on health inequalities by country of origin is relatively extensive, most previous research is descriptive and does not examine the causes of these inequalities. The presentation will give an overview of our research programme Social determinants of health among individuals with foreign background and present two ongoing studies within the programme.

One of the studies reviews evidence on the effect of public policies outside healthcare on migrant health. Restrictive entry policies were broadly associated with poorer mental health among migrants, whereas unfavorable integration policies were found to decrease migrants’ self-rated health and general healthcare service use.

The other study explores how social network determinants relate to alcohol use and binge drinking. Results showed that similarity in terms of age, sex and ethnic background predict ego-alter similarity in alcohol habits.

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Mikael Rostila, PhD, Professor, Stockholm University

Nina-Katri Gustafsson, PhD, Stockholm University

Helena Honkaniemi, PhD Student, Stockholm University


Department of Public Health Sciences, Stockholm University and Centre for Health Equity Studies, Stockholm University/Karolinska institutet

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26 mars 14:45